Duncan's Donuts Episode April 21, 2011

Broadcast on 21-April-2011

10:00am - 12:00pm

John Cow and Liv fill in for Duncan while he sits in a box at the Mets game.
Glasser, Apply
kate bush, deeper understanding (director's cut)
the wake, harmony
PJ Harvey, The Words That Maketh Murder
yukihiro takahashi, something in the air
kellarissa, undock
silver jews, room games and diamond rain
cranfield and slade, sunrise
brain bombs, lipstick on my dick
n213, no title
yellow magic orchestra, nice age
krisma, we r.

Track Listing:

Glasser · Ring
deeper understanding
kate bush · single/director's cut
the wake · favour
The Words That Maketh Murder
PJ Harvey · Let England Shake
something in the air
yukihiro takahashi · neuromantic
kellarissa · moon of neptune
room games and diamond rain
silver jews · bright flight
cranfield and slade · who loves the sun
lipstick on my dick
brain bombs · obey
no title
n213 · reflexxions
nice age
yellow magic orchestra · best of
we r.
krisma · hibernation