Duncan's Donuts Episode April 7, 2011

Broadcast on 07-Apr-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

YACHT, Dystopia
PJ Harvey, In the Dark Places
Kurt Vile, Ghost Town
Bill Callahan, Drover
Timber Timbre, Trouble Come Knocking
Heavy Chains, Stoned Stripper
PEACE, The Uma Uma Truth List
Ok Vancouver Ok, Sexy Lips
Dirty Beaches, A Hundred Highways
Jeans Wilder, In My Dreams
Love Inks, Blackeye
Crime, San Francisco's Doomed
Peaking Lights, Key Sparrow

Track Listing:

YACHT · Shangri-La
in the dark places
pj harvey · let england shake
Ghost Town
Kurt Vile · Smoke Ring For My Halo
Bill Callahan · Apocalypse
Trouble Come Knocking
Timber Timbre · s/t
Stoned Stripper
Heavy Chains · Tumblr
The Uma Uma Truth List
PEACE · My Face
Sexy Lips
Ok Vancouver Ok · Houses
A Hundred Highways
Dirty Beaches · Badlands
In My Dreams
Jeans Wilder · Nice Trash
Love Inks · E.S.P.
San Francisco's Doomed
Crime · San Francisco's Still Doomed
Key Sparrow
Peaking Lights · 936