Duncan's Donuts Episode March 31, 2011

Broadcast on 31-Mar-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Bill Callahan, America!
Non Band, Duncan Dancing
Nii Kosmetika, Shatsliv Kak Nikovda
Urszula, Szal Sezonowej Mody
Grand Trine, Nazi Gold
Butthole Surfers, Something
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Hell Rules
Shin Joong Hyun & the Donkeys, Shi-Ruh
Lee McDonald, I'll Do Anything For You
Autre Ne Veut, OMG
The Sweethearts, Burning Through The Nite
Junei, Let's Ride
The Baseball Project, Ichiro Goes To The Moon

Track Listing:

Bill Callahan · Apocalypse
Duncan Dancing
Non Band · s/t
Shatsliv Kak Nikovda
Nii Kosmetika · s/t
Szal Sezonowej Mody
Urszula · s/t
Nazi Gold
Grand Trine · Sunglasses EP
Butthole Surfers · Demo
Hell Rules
Thinking Fellers Union 282 · Wormed by Leonard
Shin Joong Hyun & the Donkeys · s/t
I'll Do Anything For You
Lee McDonald · Sweet Magic
Autre Ne Veut · Autre Ne Veut
Burning Through The Nite
The Sweethearts · Burning Through The Nite
Let's Ride
Junei · Single
Ichiro Goes To The Moon
The Baseball Project · Volume 2: High & Inside