Duncan's Donuts Episode February 24, 2011

Broadcast on 24-Feb-2011

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Fanshaw, O Sailor
Babysitter, College Rock Heroes
Kellarissa, Old Money
Destroyer, Downtown
Tim Hecker, The Piano Drop
Cub, Nicholas Bragg
Time Copz, Shit City
Crystal Swells, Waco, Wasilla, Waikiki
Terror Bird, We Were Monsters
Jay Arner, Don't Remind Me
Kidnap Kids, God
Nick Krgovich, He'll Have To Go (Demo)
Needles//Pins, Kalifornia Korner
Indian Wars, If You Want Me, If You Want Me
Apollo Ghosts, Validation!

Track Listing:

O Sailor
Fanshaw · Dark Eyes
College Rock Heroes
Babysitter · Tape III
Old Money
Kellarissa · Moon of Neptune
Destroyer · Kaputt
The Piano Drop
Tim Hecker · Ravedeath, 1972
nicholas bragg
cub · betti-cola
Shit City
Time Copz · Geographing 021
Waco, Wasilla, Waikiki
Crystal Swells · Goethe Head Soup
We Were Monsters
Terror Bird · Human Culture
Don't Remind Me
Jay Arner · Demo
Kidnap Kids · Pop Alliance Comp V1
He'll Have To Go (Demo)
Nick Krgovich · Pop Alliance Comp V2
Kalifornia Korner
Needles//Pins · Masters
If You Want Me
Indian Wars · If You Want Me
Apollo Ghosts · Pop Alliance Comp V2