Duncan's Donuts Episode December 16, 2010

Broadcast on 16-Dec-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Cool Rays, Diary of You
Go Team, Lake Arrowhead
Adrian Teacher, Shape of the Earth
Austra, Beat and the Pulse
James Blake, I Only Know (What I Know Now)
Tassels, A Break In
beekeeper, Table and Bed
Shi Yi, Glitter Days
Diskettes, Come On Over (Live)
So So Glos, Fred Astaire
La Sera, Never Come Around
The Babies, Run Me Over
Makeout Videotape, Only You
Reading Rainbow, Always On My Mind
Dandi Wind, Safety Dance

Track Listing:

Diary of You
Cool Rays · Sub Pop 5
Lake Arrowhead
Go Team · Donna Parker Pop
Shape of the Earth
Adrian Teacher · My Words Are Yours
Beat and the Pulse
Austra · Beat and the Pulse
I Only Know (What I Know Nw)
James Blake · Klavierwerke
A Break In
Tassels · News
Table and Bed
beekeeper · Be Kept
Glitter Days
Shi Yi · Shi Yi
Come On Over (Live)
Diskettes · Live at UC Davis
Fred Astaire
So So Glos · Low Back Chain Shifter
Never Come Around
La Sera · Never Come Around
Run Me Over
The Babies · s/t
Only You
Makeout Videotape · Ying Yang
Always On My Mind
Reading Rainbow · Prism Eyes
safety dance
dandi wind · break the bone and suck the marrow from it