Duncan's Donuts Episode December 9, 2010

Broadcast on 09-Dec-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Uffie, MCs Can Kiss
jj, Money On My Mind
Snap!, Rhythm Is A Dancer (Slowed Down Remix, Chopped & Screwed maybe)
Chain & The Gang, Why Not?
Dead Ghosts, I Want You To Know
James Pants, Darlin'
The Oh Wells, Indie Boy
WIZERDZ, Bryce Dungeon
Sajia Sultana, Naive
Puro Instinct, Stilyagi
Connie Converse, Roving Woman
John Lennon, Remember
Watermelon, How I Came
Wild Nothing, Golden Haze

Track Listing:

MCs Can Kiss
Uffie · Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans
Money On My Mind
jj · Let Them
Rhythm Is A Dancer
Snap! · Chopped & Screwed
Why Not?
Chain & The Gang · Music's Not For Everyone
i want you to know
dead ghosts · s/t
James Pants · Love Kraft
Indie Boy
The Oh Wells · MySpace
Bryce Dungeon
Sajia Sultana · Bengali Winter
Puro Instinct · Stilyagi
Roving Woman
Connie Converse · How Sad, How Lovely
John Lennon · Plastic Ono Band
How I Came
Watermelon · Pop Alliance Vol 2
Golden Haze
Wild Nothing · Gemini