Duncan's Donuts Episode September 23, 2010

Broadcast on 23-Sep-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

My Friend Wallis, Hiding
Tyranahorse, Joy Wolf
Twin Sister, Meet the Frownies
Summer Camp, Veronica Sawyer
Birthdays, Software
Warpaint, Ashes To Ashes
Tonetta, Still A Slave
Frankie & the Outs, Girlfriend Island
Black Milk, Deadly Medley
Big Freedia, Gin In My System
The Magician & the Gates of Love, A Gentleman's Harvest (Teen Daze remix)
Small Black, Photojournalist
Ducktails, Art Vandelay

Track Listing:

My Friend Wallis · New Demos
Joy Wolf
Tyranahorse · ghostwolfmotherhawk...
Meet the Frownies
Twin Sister · Shaking Through
Veronica Sawyer
Summer Camp · Young
Birthdays · Demo
Ashes To Ashes
Warpaint · We Were So Turned On
Still A Slave
Tonetta · 777
Girlfriend Island
Frankie & the Outs · s/t
Deadly Medley
Black Milk · Album of the Year
Gin In My System
Big Freedia · demo
A Gentleman's Harvest (Teen Daze remix)
The Magician & the Gates of Love · The Singles
Small Black · New Chain
Art Vandelay
Ducktails · Hamilton Rd