Duncan's Donuts Episode September 16, 2010

Broadcast on 16-Sep-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Bruce Haack, Electric To Me Turn
The Intelligence, Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like
Dirty Beaches, Black Horses Take 1
Women, Narrow with the Hall
Terror Bird, Who's Sorry Now?
Isla Taco, Hot Bath
Keep Tidy, Goochie Mane
Lakefield, On the Radio
Watermelon, How I Came
Student Teacher, Raw Tin Arms
Young Liars, Marathon
Laetitia Sadier, One Million Year Trip
Fine Mist, Out of Love (No Kids remix)
Rose Melberg, Things That We Do (Jay Arner remix)
Las Robertas, Back To The End

Track Listing:

Electric To Me Turn
Bruce Haack · The Electric Lucifer
Like Like Like Like Like Like Like Like
The Intelligence · Males
Dirty Beaches · Omon Ra Split Tape
Narrow with the Hall
Women · Public Strain
Who's Sorry Now?
Terror Bird · Split 7"
Hot Bath
Isla Taco · And So The Moon Became Our Streetlight
Goochie Mane
Keep Tidy · MySpace
On the Radio
Lakefield · Sounds From The Treeline
How I Came
Watermelon · MySpace
Raw Tin Arms
Student Teacher · MySpace
Young Liars · Demo
One Million Year Trip
Laetitia Sadier · The Trip
Out of Love (No Kids remix)
Fine Mist · Night Sweats
Things That We Do (Jay Arner remix)
Rose Melberg · The Homemade Ship Remix Album
Back To The End
Las Robertas · Cry Out Loud