Duncan's Donuts Episode September 2, 2010

Broadcast on 02-Sep-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Tonetta, Drugs Drugs Drugs
Prince, Bob George
Ty Seagall, Imaginary Person
Frank Stallone, We're Turning Your Bedroom into a Computer Room
Sonny & the Sunsets, Chapters
Neil Cicierega, Brodyquest
Pavement, Shady Lanes
Bare Wires, Let Down
Sleigh Bells, Rill Rill
Gucci Mane, Lemonade
Slam Dunk, Feral Child
Spring Break, Careful
Fine Mist, Under The Covers (Remix)
Arcade Fire, The Suburbs

Track Listing:

Drugs Drugs Drugs
Tonetta · 777
Bob George
Prince · Black Album
Imaginary Person
Ty Seagall · Melted
We're Turning Your Bedroom into a Computer Room
Frank Stallone · Greatest Hits
Sonny & the Sunsets · Tomorrow is Alright
Neil Cicierega · Brodyquest
Shady Lanes
Pavement · Brighten The Corners
Let Down
Bare Wires · Let Down
Rill Rill
Sleigh Bells · Treats
Gucci Mane · Lemonade
Feral Child
Slam Dunk · Feral Child
Spring Break · Demo
Under The Covers (Remix)
Fine Mist · Public Domain
the suburbs
arcade fire · the suburbs