Duncan's Donuts Episode August 5, 2010

Broadcast on 05-Aug-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Christie Laume, Agathe Ou Christie
Benga, Mini Motor Cross
Why?, This Blackest Purse
Metermaids, Breakdown In Chicago
Mos Dub, Johnny Too Beef
Royal Baths, Nikki Don't
Jaill, The Stroller
Procedure Club, Rather
Four Tet, Sing
Hercules & Love Affair, I Can't Wait

Track Listing:

Agathe Ou Christie
Christie Laume · La Belle Epoque
Mini Motor Cross
Benga · Phaze One EP
This Blackest Purse
Why? · Eskimo Snow
Breakdown In Chicago
Metermaids · Demo
Johnny Too Beef
Mos Dub · Demo
Nikki Don't
Royal Baths · Litanies
The Stroller
Jaill · That's How We Burn
Procedure Club · Doomed Forever
Four Tet · There Is Love In You
I Can't Wait
Hercules & Love Affair · Sidetracked