Duncan's Donuts Episode July 8, 2010

Broadcast on 08-Jul-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

R.E.M., Orange Crush
Deerhoof, Giga Dance
Kick Evrything, Motion Man
Babe Rainbow, Screwby
Fol Chen, The Holograms
RatTail, Go Green (Live)
RatTail, In Bloom (Live)
RatTail, Pokadots
RatTail, Simplify (? Not sure) (Live)
RatTail, George Mounsey
Nut Brown, An Island

Track Listing:

Orange Crush
R.E.M. · Green
giga dance
deerhoof · milk man
Motion Man
Kick Evrything · Stay In/Slow Now
Babe Rainbow · Shaved
The Holograms
Fol Chen · The New December
Go Green
RatTail · Live on Duncan's Donuts
In Bloom
RatTail · Live on Duncan's Donuts
RatTail · s/t
Simplify (? Not sure)
RatTail · Live on Duncan's Donuts
George Mounsey
RatTail · George Mounsey
An Island
Nut Brown · I Really Do