Duncan's Donuts Episode May 13, 2010

Broadcast on 13-May-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Wounded Lion, Big Boots
Ty Seagall, Caesar
Jeremy Jay, This Is Our Time
Star Trek Theme
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Heaven Can Wait
No Kids w Rose Melberg, Blue Grotto of Capri
Talking Heads, Artists Only
Wings, 1985
Snoop Dog, Sensual Seduction
Makeout Videotape, Heat Wave
Darlin', Darlin'
Best Coast, When I'm With You
Girls, Lust for Life
Caribou, Odessa

Track Listing:

Big Boots
Wounded Lion · Friendly
Ty Seagall · Caesar
This Is Our Time
Jeremy Jay · Dial My Number
Star Trek Theme Song
Star Trek · Star Trek OST
Heaven Can Wait
Charlotte Gainsbourg · IRM
Blue Grotto of Capri
No Kids w Rose Melberg · CiTR Pop Alliance
Artists Only
Talking Heads · More Songs About Buildings and Food
Wings · Band On the Run
Sensual Seduction
Snoop Dog · Ego Trippin'
Heat Wave
Makeout Videotape · Heat Wave
Darlin' · s/t
When I'm With You
Best Coast · Demo
Lust for Life
Girls · Album
Caribou · Swim