Duncan's Donuts Episode April 29, 2010

Broadcast on 29-Apr-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Spring Break, Doo Wamp
Summer Camp, Ghost Train
Buffalo Moon, Beach Boy
The Drums, Let's Go Surfing
No Kids, In Dreamland
No Gold, Miami
Slam Dunk, Feral Child
Gauntlet Hair, I Was Thinking
Sleigh Bells, Tell 'Em
Dum Dum Girls, Yours Truly
Pierced Arrows, Zip My Lip
Golden Triangle, Neon Noose
Dom, Jesus
Anni Rossi, Crushing Limbs
The Bundles, Desert Bundles

Track Listing:

Doo Wamp
Spring Break · Demo
Ghost Train
Summer Camp · Demo
Beach Boy
Buffalo Moon · Wetsuit
Let's Go Surfing
The Drums · Summertime
In Dreamland
No Kids · Judy at the Grove
No Gold · Miami 7"
Feral Child
Slam Dunk · Feral Child 7"
I Was Thinking
Gauntlet Hair · Demo
Tell 'Em
Sleigh Bells · Treats
Yours Truly
Dum Dum Girls · I Will Be
zip my lip
pierced arrows · descending shadows
Neon Noose
Golden Triangle · Double Jointer
Dom · Sun Bronzed Greek Gods
Crushing Limbs
Anni Rossi · Crushing Limbs
Desert Bundles
The Bundles · s/t