Duncan's Donuts Episode January 28, 2010

Broadcast on 28-Jan-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Sean Nicholas Savage, Kisses Like A Girl
Flash Palace, Lion
Fanshaw, Diana
PS I Love You, Facelove (EP version)
Rose Melberg, Look Skyward
Gigi, I'm Not Coming Out Tonight
Shane Turner Overdrive, Wigs
The Good News, My Cross to Bear
Jay Arner, Nightclubs
Makeout Videotape, Heat Wave
Random Cuts, Jail Stripes
Endless Bummer, City Hall
Fine Mist, Under The Covers (Remix)
Silly Kissers, I Never Said
Kidnap Kids!, Nothing
Make Love, The Fools Fight
Daniel, Fred & Julie, Runner
Caribou, Odessa

Track Listing:

Kisses Like A Girl
Sean Nicholas Savage · Spread Free Like A Butterfly
Flash Palace · MySpace
Fanshaw · Dark Eyes
PS I Love You · s/t EP
Look Skyward
Rose Melberg · Homemade Ship
I'm Not Coming Out Tonight
Gigi · Maintenant
Shane Turner Overdrive · MySpace
My Cross to Bear
The Good News · You People Have Carpet On Your Hearts
Jay Arner · Bird of Prey
Heat Wave
Makeout Videotape · Heat Wave
Jail Stripes
Random Cuts · Sleep 7"
City Hall
Endless Bummer · Calypso
Under The Covers (Remix)
Fine Mist · Sauna-Man
I Never Said
Silly Kissers · Halloween Summer
Kidnap Kids! · You Would Run From Ratboy Grave
The Fools Fight
Make Love · Twice
Daniel, Fred & Julie · s/t
Caribou · Odessa