Duncan's Donuts Episode January 14, 2010

Broadcast on 14-Jan-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Jay Reatard, It Ain't Gonna Save Me
Atlas Sound, Oh It's Such A Shame (Jay Reatard cover)
Paul F Tompkins, The Sink and the Mirror
Patton Oswalt, Text
The Monks, I Hate You
Karl Blau, Apology to Pollinateurs
PS I Love You, Subtle & Majestic
Shane Turner Overdrive, Taped on Walls
Lacrosse, I See A Brightness
Sloan, Take It Upon Yourself
Jay Arner, Uncoverers
Fan Death, Reunited
Cosmetics, Honey Honey
The Magnetic Fields, The Dada Polka

Track Listing:

it ain't gonna save me
jay reatard · watch me fall
Oh It's Such A Shame (Jay Reatard cover)
Atlas Sound · Oh It's Such A Shame
The Sink and the Mirror
Paul F Tompkins · Freak Wharf
Patton Oswalt · My Weakness Is Strong
I Hate You
The Monks · Black Monk Time
Apology to Pollinateurs
Karl Blau · Zebra
Subtle & Majestic
PS I Love You · s/t
Taped on Walls
Shane Turner Overdrive · demo
I See A Brightness
Lacrosse · Bandages For the Heart
Take It Upon Yourself
Sloan · Hit & Run
Jay Arner · Bird of Prey
Fan Death · demo
Honey Honey
Cosmetics · demo
The Dada Polka
The Magnetic Fields · Realism