Duncan's Donuts Episode January 7, 2010

Broadcast on 07-Jan-2010

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Vic Chesnutt, Flirted With You All My Life
Vic Chesnutt, Isadora Duncan
Gigi feat. Karl Blau, The Old Graveyard
To Bad Catholics, Glitter and Gold
Petroleum By-Products, Gangrene
Harlem, Hippies
Spoon, Written In Reverse
Portastatic, Anything You Want (Spoon cover)
Beach House, Norway
Final Fantasy, Lewis Takes Action
The Sandwitches, Back to the Sea
Bear In Heaven, Lovesick Teenagers
The Best Coast, When I'm With You
Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck, IRM, Heaven Can Wait

Track Listing:

Flirted With You All My Life
Vic Chesnutt · At The Cut
Isadora Duncan
Vic Chesnutt · Little
The Old Graveyard
Gigi feat. Karl Blau · Maintenant
Glitter and Gold
To Bad Catholics · Mallorytown
Petroleum By-Products · Superficial Artificial
Friendly Ghost
Harlem · Hippies
Written In Reverse
Spoon · Transference
Anything You Want (Spoon cover)
Portastic · Make It Sound In Tune
Beach House · Teen Dream
Lewis Takes Action
Final Fantasy · Heartland
Back to the Sea
The Sandwitches · Back to the Sea 7"
Lovesick Teenagers
Bear In Heaven · Beast Rest Forth Mouth
When I'm With You
The Best Coast · When I'm With You 7"
Heaven Can Wait
Charlotte Gainsbourg feat. Beck · IRM