Duncan's Donuts Episode December 31, 2009

Broadcast on 31-Dec-2009

12:00pm - 1:00pm

jj, Ecstasy
Major Lazer, Pon de Floor
Sean Kingston, Fire Burnin'
Javelin, Tell Me, What Will It Be?
Tiga, Shoes
Raekwon, House of Flying Daggers
Clipse f. Kanye West, Kinda Like A Big Deal
Jay-Z f. Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind
Neil Diamond, Cherry Cherry
Sunset Rubdown, I'll Believe In Anything
Micachu & The Shapes, Calculator
The Phenomenal Handclap Band, 15 to 20
Sleigh Bells, Crown on The Ground
Big Boi f. Gucci Mane, Shine Blockas
Drake f. R-Kelly, Best I Ever Had (Remix)
Flight of the Conchords, We're In Love With the Same Girl
Hercules & Love Affair, Can't Wait
Dam Funk, Toeachizown
Fine Mist, Stop or Start

Track Listing:

jj · no 2
Pon de Floor
Major Lazer · Guns Don't Kill People
Fire Burnin'
Sean Kingston · Tomorrow
Tell Me, What Will It Be?
Javelin · Jamz n Jemz
Tiga · Ciao
House of Flying Daggers
Raekwon · Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt II
Kinda Like A Big Deal
Clipse f. Kanye West · Til The Casket Drops
Empire State of Mind
Jay-Z f. Alicia Keys · The Blueprint 3
Cherry Cherry
Neil Diamond · Greatest Hits
I'll Believe In Anything
Sunset Rubdown · Snakes Got A Leg
Micachu & The Shapes · Jewellry
15 to 20
The Phenomenal Handclap Band · s/t
Crown onThe Ground
Sleigh Bells · Demo
Shine Blockas
Big Boi f. Gucci Mane · Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
Best I Ever Had (Remix)
Drake f. R-Kelly · Gangsta Grills
We're In Love With the Same Girl
Flight of the Conchords · I Told You I Was Freaky
Can't Wait
Hercules & Love Affair · Sidetracked
Dam Funk · Toeachizown
Stop or Start
Fine Mist · Demo