Duncan's Donuts Episode November 26, 2009

Broadcast on 26-Nov-2009

12:00pm - 1:00pm

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OK Vancouver OK, Pink and Blue
Destroyer, Streethawk I
Destroyer, An Actor's Revenge
P:ano, Light of Love
P:ano, T. Hatch says "round ev'ry corner"
The Defektors, Doomsday Girl
The Evaporators, Honk The Horn
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? One Last Final Push
Fanshaw, O Sailor
The Cinch, Talk & Talk
The Riff Randells, Somebody's Mom
The New Pornographers, Letter From An Occupant
The Awkward Stage, The Morons Are Winning
The Organ, We've Got To Meet
The Collapsing Opposites, The Cost of Music

Track Listing:

pink and blue
OK vancouver OK · I get so drunk
Destroyer · Streethawk I
an actor's revenge
destroyer · your blues
Light of Love
P:ano · Brigadoon
T. Hatch says "round ev'ry corner"
p:ano · ghost pirates without heads
Doomsday Girl
The Defektors · Secret Trials
Honk The Horn
The Evaporators · Honk The Horn
one last final push
they shoot horses, don't they? · pick up sticks
O Sailor
Fanshaw · CiTR Pop Alliance
Talk & Talk
The Cinch · ep
Somebody's Mom
The Riff Randells · Vancouver Special
Letter From An Occupant
The New Pornographers · Vancouver Special
the morons are winning
the awkward stage · heaven is for easy girls
We've Got To Meet
The Organ · We've Got To Meet
The Cost of Music
The Collapsing Opposites · The Cost of Music