Duncan's Donuts Episode November 19, 2009

Broadcast on 19-Nov-2009

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Boogie Monster, Lost In Bollywood (demo)
You Say Party! We Say, Lonely's Lunch
The Secretaries, Woman, Woman
Tegan & Sara, Hell
Mean Red Spiders, Shiny Skin
Ninja High School, Shake It Off
The Raccoons, Tangiers
It It, Ontario Girls
The Hidden Cameras, A Little Bit
The Superfantastics, Turn On Me
The Inbreds, Turn In My Head
Makeout Videotape, Talk With Me Baby

Track Listing:

Lost In Bollywood (demo)
Boogie Monster · CiTR Pop Alliance comp
Lonely's Lunch
You Say Party! We Say · XXXX
Woman, Woman
The Secretaries · s/t
Tegan & Sara · Sainthood
shiny skin
mean red spiders · places you call home
Shake It Off
Ninja High School · Young Adults Against Suicide
The Raccoons · Islomania
Ontario Girls
It It · Hang Out
A Little Bit
The Hidden Cameras · Origin: Orphan
Turn on me
The Superfantastics · choose your destination
Turn In My Head
The Inbreds · Kombinator
Talk With Me Baby
Makeout Videotape · Weird Meats