Duncan's Donuts Episode August 27, 2009

Broadcast on 27-Aug-2009

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Roxy Music, Love Is The Drug
VIBES, Psychic
Parenthetical Girls, Song for Ellie Greenwich
The Ramones, Baby, I Love You
Daniel Johnston, Freedom
Islands, Vapors
Hidden Cameras, He Falls To Me
No Gold, Hot Bay
The Fiery Furnaces, Keep Me In the Dark
The Duchess & The Duke, Hands
Girls, Solitude
Yo La Tengo, Here to Fall
Magnetic Fields, I Thought You Were My Boyfriend

Track Listing:

Love Is The Drug
Roxy Music · Siren
VIBES · Psychic
Song for Ellie Greenwich
Parenthetical Girls · Entanglements
Baby, I Love You
The Ramones · Ramones Mania
Daniel Johnston · Is And Always Was
Islands · Vapors
He Falls To Me
Hidden Cameras · Origin: Orphan
Hot Bay
No Gold · Hot Bay 7"
Toto · Greatest Hits
Keep Me In the Dark
The Fiery Furnaces · I'm Going Away
The Duchess & The Duke · Sunset / Sunrise
Girls · Hellhole Ratrace
Here to Fall
Yo La Tengo · Popular Songs
i thought you were my boyfriend
magnetic fields · i