Duncan's Donuts Episode August 20, 2009

Broadcast on 20-Aug-2009

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Taken By Trees, Watch the Waves
Lou Reed & the Jades, So Blue
Apollo Ghosts, Palm of My Hand
Stefana Fratila, Small Hands
Colourboook, Iago to Airline
Lake, Madagascar
Girls, Hellhole Ratrace
Yacht, The Afterlife
Major Lazer, Pon de Floor
Hercules & Love Affair, I Can't Wait
Destroyer, Bay of Pigs

Track Listing:

Watch the Waves
Taken By Trees · East of Eden
So Blue
Lou Reed · All Tomorrow's Dance Parties
Palm of My Hand
Apollo Ghosts · Forgotten Triangle
Small Hands
Stefana Fratila · Third Old Life Comp
Iago to Airline
Colourboook · Third Old Life Comp
Lake · Let's Build A Roof
Hellhole Ratrace
Girls · Hellhole Ratrace
The Afterlife
Yacht · See Mystery Lights
Pon de Floor
Major Lazer · Guns Don't Kill People
I Can't Wait
Hercules & Love Affair · Sidetracked
Bay of Pigs
Destroyer · Bay of Pigs