Duncan's Donuts Episode May 7, 2009

Broadcast on 07-May-2009

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Daniel Johnston, Chord Organ Blues
gr8-2000, I Wanna Go Home
Petroleum By-Products, Rat Face
Gentleman Reg, We're In A Thunderstorm
Calm Down It's Monday, Sweetest May
Julie Doiron, Nice to Come Home
Mt Eerie w/ Julie Doiron & Fred Squie, Voice In Headphones
Grizzly Bear, Two Weeks
Jeremy Jay, Breaking the Ice
Kurt Vile, Songs For John in D
The Dirty Projectors, Two Doves
Mika Miko, Blues Not Speed
The Pink Mountaintops, Execution
Japandroids, Rockers East Vancouver
Fine Mist, Because It's the Ocean

Track Listing:

Chord Organ Blues
Daniel Johnston · Yip Jump Music
I Wanna Go Home
gr8-2000 · Freedom
Rat Face
Petroleum By-Products · Emergency Room
We're In A Thunderstorm
Gentleman Reg · Jet Black
Sweetest May
Calm Down It's Monday · Heavy Snow 7"
Nice to Come Home
Julie Doiron · Heavy Snow 7"
Voice In Headphones
Mt Eerie w/ Julie Doiron & Fred Squie · Lost Wisdom
Two Weeks
Grizzly Bear · Veckatimest
Breaking the Ice
Jeremy Jay · Slow Dance
Songs For John in D
Kurt Vile · God is Saying This to You...
Two Doves
The Dirty Projectors · Bitte Orca
Blues Not Speed
Mika Miko · We Be Xuxa
The Pink Mountaintops · Outside Love
Rockers East Vancouver
Japandroids · Post-Nothing
Because It's the Ocean
Fine Mist · MySpace