Duncan's Donuts Episode June 5, 2008

Broadcast on 05-Jun-2008

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley
Hank and Lilly, Xanadu
Creaking Planks, Honolulu Bound
Bird Costumes, In the Time That It Takes
Greenbelt Collective, Leader (Live at CiTR)
B-Lines, Burnt CDs
Dead Ghost, What To Do
WInning, Weird Weight
Andy Dixon, Mt Career
Vapid, Victim,
Nu Sensae, Miko
Ice Cream, Hot Breath
Role Mach Electic Band, Hotel
Modern Creatures, Thick Thick Black
Mutators, Instinct
Japandroids, To Hell With McLusky
Octoberman, Breath of Sunshine
Mohawk Lodge, Everybody's On Fire

Track Listing:

Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley · Greatest Hits
Hank and Lilly · MySpace
Honolulu Bound
Creaking Planks · MySpace
In the Time That It Takes
Bird Costumes · MySpace
Greenbelt Collective · MySpace
Burnt CDs
BLines · MySpace
What To Do
Dead Ghost · MySpace
Weird Weight
WInning · Could We Believe in Magic?
Mt Career
Andy Dixon · The Mice of Mt Career
Vapid · MySpace
Nu Sensae · MySpace
Hot Breath
Ice Cream · MySpace
Role Mach Electic Band · MySpace
Thick Thick Black
Modern Creatures · MySpace
Mutators · MySpace
To Hell With McLusky
Japandroids · MySpace
Breath of Sunshine
Octoberman · Run From Safety
Everybody's On Fire
Mohawk Lodge · Wildfires