Duncan's Donuts Episode May 1, 2008

Broadcast on 01-May-2008

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Paul Giovanni (The Wicker Man), Maypole Song
Jonathan Halper (Puce Moment), Leaving My Old Life Behind / I am a Hermit
Anton Karas (The Third Man), Third Man Theme
Mulatu Astatke, (Broken Flowers), Yegelle Tezeta
Francis Lai, (Un Homme et Une Femme), Un Homme et Une Femme Theme
Russ Tamblyn & The Jets (West Side Story), The Jet Song
Susan Sarandon (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me
Prince (Batman), Batdance
Townes Van Zandt (The Big Lebowski), Dead Flowers
Harry Nilsson, (Midnight Cowboy), Everybody's Talkin'
Mark Mothersbaugh (Life Aquatic), Ping Island
Folk Implosion (Kids), Natural One

Track Listing:

Maypole Song
Paul Giovanni · Wicker Man OST
I Am A Hermit
Jonathan Halper · Puce Moment
Third Man Theme
Anton Karas · Third Man OST
Yegelle Tezeta
Mulatu Astatke · Broken Flowers OST
Un Homme et Une Femme Theme
Francis Lai · Un Homme et Une Femme OST
The Jets Song
Cast · West Side Story OST
Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me
Susan Sarandon · Rocky Horror Picture Show OST
Prince · Batman OST
Dead Flowers
Townes Van Zandt · The Big Lebowski OST
Everybody's Talkin'
Harry Nilsson · Midnight Cowboy OST
Ping Island
Mark Mothersbaugh · Life Aquatic OST
Natural One
Folk Implosion · Kids OST