Duncan's Donuts Episode April 10, 2008

Broadcast on 10-Apr-2008

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The Superfantastics, Turn On Me
The Inbreds, Turn My Head
Julie Doiron, Untitled (from Woke Myself Up)
Nina Simone, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Lay and Love
Of Montreal, Repudiated Immortals
Hercules & Love Affair, Blind (feat. Antony)
Yo Majesty, Club Action (1/2 Alive remix)
The Go! Team, Junior Kickstart
Mutators, Little Liar Glass
Modern Creatures, Thick Thick Black
Pierced Arrows, Guns of Thunder

Track Listing:

Turn On Me
Superfantastics · Choose Your Destination
Turn My Head
The Inbreds · Kombinator
Julie Doiron · Woke Myself Up
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Nina Simone · Greatest Hits
Lay and Love
Bonnie "Prince" Billy · Letting Go
Repudiated Immortals
Of Montreal · Hissing Fauna...
Blind (feat. Antony)
Hercules & Love Affair · s/t
Club Action (1/2 Alive remix)
Yo Majesty · Club Action (1/2 Alive remix)
Junior Kickstart
The Go! Team · Thunder, Lightning, Strike
Little Liar Glass
Mutators · Paper Words 7"
Thick Thick Black
Modern Creatures · Thick Thick Black 7"
Guns of Thunder
Pierced Arrows · s/t