Duncan's Donuts Episode March 27, 2008

Broadcast on 27-Mar-2008

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Pamela Neal , Charlie Hustle
Jonathan Richman, The Fenway
Julie Doiron & Calvin Johnson, Lonesome Sundown
Cat Power, Lived in Bars (Live)
Dusty Springfield, Breakfast in Bed
Silver Jews, San Francisco, BC
Neil Young, For the Turnstiles
The Kinks, This Time Tomorrow
Hawaiian Bibles, There's Good People In The City
International Falls, the plateau, Under The Weather
Bob Wiseman, Rock & Tree
Destroyer, Dark Leaves Form A Thread

Track Listing:

Charlie Hustle
Pamela Neal · Charlie Hustle Promo
The Fenway
Jonathan Richman · Rockin' & Romance
Lonesome Sundown
Julie Doiron & Calvin Johnson · The Internet
Lived in Bars (Live)
Cat Power · Black Sessions
Breakfast in Bed
Dusty Springfield · Dusty in Memphis
San Fransisco, BC
Silver Jews · Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
for the turnstiles
neil young · on the beach
This Time Tomorrow
The Kinks · Part 1 Lola vs Powerman
There's Good People In The City
Hawaiian Bibles · There's Good People In The City
under the weather
international falls · the plateau
Rock & Tree
Bob Wiseman · The Legend
Dark Leaves Form A Thread
Destroyer · Trouble in Dreams