Duncan's Donuts Episode February 7, 2008

Broadcast on 07-Feb-2008

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Big Boys, No
Daniel Johnston, Chord Organ Blues
Phil Elvrum and Nick Krgovich, Whatcha Doin'
Mt Eerie, A Sentimental Song
No Kids, Another Song
Hank, Baby's Bible
Cat Power, New York
Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride
Mahjjong, Problems
Greenbelt Collective , Nanook
AutoMatique, HighWire
Great Lake Swimmers, Your Rocky Spine
Final Fantasy, Joys
Deerhoof, You, Dog

Track Listing:

Big Boys · Fat Elvis
Chord Organ Blues
Daniel Johnston · Yip Jump
Whatcha Doin
Phil Elvrum and Nick Krgovich · Worried Noodles
A Sentimental Song
Mt Eerie · Worried Noodles
Another Song
No Kids · Worried Noodles
Baby's Bible
Hank · Worried Noodles
New York
Cat Power · Jukebox
Heretic Pride
Mountain Goats · Heretic Pride
Mahjjong · s/t
greenbelt collective · our homes
AutoMatique · MySpace
Your Rocky Spine
Great Lake Swimmers · Ongiara
Final Fantasy · Worried Noodles
You, Dog
Deerhoof · Worried Noodles