Duncan's Donuts Episode September 20, 2007

Broadcast on 20-Sep-2007

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Jason Anderson, Tonight
Fiery Furnaces, Duplexes of The Dead
Thurston Moore, Fri/End
Sonic Youth, Superstar
Band of Horses, A Ghost in my House
Beirut, Fork and Knives
Pelle Carlberg, Clever Girls like Clever Boys...
Peter, Bjorn & John vs Diplo, Young Folks
Junior Senior, Take My Time
Go! Team, Doing It Right
C.O.C.O., We Gotta Right
M.I.A., Paper Planes
Kimya Dawson, Loose Lips

Track Listing:

Jason Anderson · Tonight
Duplexes of The Dead
Fiery Furnaces · Window City
Thurston Moore · Trees Outside the Academy
sonic youth · if i were a carpenter
A Ghost in my House
Band of Horses
Fork and Knives
Beirut · Flying Club Cup
Clever Girls like Clever Boys...
Pelle Carlberg · In A Nutshell
Young Folks
Peter, Bjorn & John vs Diplo · Mad Decent
Take My Time
Junior Senior · Hey Hey My My
Doing It Right
Go! Team · Proof of Youth
We Gotta Right
C.O.C.O. · Play Bass and Drum
paper planes
m.i.a. · kala
Loose Lips
Kimya Dawson · Juno OST