Duncan's Donuts Episode July 5, 2007

Broadcast on 05-Jul-2007

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Pulp, Hits, Bad Cover Version
OMC, How Bizarre, How Bizarre
The Diskettes, How Bizarre: A Tribute to the 90s, How Bizarre
Elvis Presley, Essential, Marie's The Name
The Smiths, Rank, Rusholme Ruffians
T Rex, Electric Warrior, Cosmic Dancer
Morrissey, My Early Burgulary Years, Cosmic Dancer
Leonard Cohen, Greatest Hits, The Partisan
16 Horsepower and Noir Desir, Live, The Partisan
the undertones, s/t, teenage kicks
Dominic A, Live, Teenage Kicks
Jackson Browne, Greatest Hits, These Days
Nico, Chelsea Hotel, These Days
St Vincent, mp3, These Days
Nina Simone, Habits, See Line Woman
Feist, The Reminder, Sea Lion Woman
Ratt, Greatest Hits, Round n Round
Barlow, Lou, Emoh, Round n Round
France Gall, mp3, Laisse Tombe Les Filles
April March, Death Proof, Chick Habit
Rolling Stones, Singles, Off The Hook
Y Pants, Off the Hook, Off The Hook

Track Listing:

Bad Cover Version
Pulp · Hits
How Bizarre
OMC · How Bizarre
How Bizarre
The Diskettes · How Bizarre: A Tribute to the 90s
Marie's The Name
Elvis Presley · Essential
The Smiths · Rank
Cosmic Dancer
T Rex · Electric Warrior
Cosmic Dancer
Morrissey · My Early Burgulary Years
The Partisan
Leonard Cohen · Greatest Hits
The Partisan
16 Horsepower and Noir Desir · Live
teenage kicks
the undertones · s/t
Teenage Kicks
Dominic A · Live
These Days
Jackson Browne · Greatest Hits
These Days
Nico · Chelsea Hotel
These Days
St Vincent · mp3
See Line Woman
Nina Simone · Habits
Sea Lion Woman
Feist · The Reminder
Round n Round
Ratt · Greatest Hits
Round n Round
Barlow, Lou · Emoh
Laisse Tombe Les Filles
France Gall · mp3
Chick Habit
April March · Death Proof
Off The Hook
Rolling Stones · Singles
Off The Hook
Y Pants · Off the Hook