Duncan's Donuts Episode May 24, 2007

Broadcast on 24-May-2007

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Not your average episode of Duncan's Donuts!

Track Listing:

rehab remix
Winehouse, Amy · rehab 12"
master of none
Beach House · mp3
I Hate You
Monks · black time
Ono Soul
Moore, Thurston · psychic hearts
My War
Mutators · s/t
Fall of Saigon
This Heat · s/t
still walking
throbbing gristle · 20 jazz funk greats
Destroy The Nations
Nihilist Spasm Band · No Record
track 1
bt.hn · Black Mirrors and Dark Planet Alignment
Drinking Lighter Fluid
Green Mist · Drinking Lighter Fluid
plague ritual
Black Air · plague ritual
Track 1
Syndromes · Underground Series
Prurient · pleasure ground
midnight at the oasis
Sun City Girls · midnight cowboys from ipanema