Dog-eared Episode August 30, 2022

S2 E2: Barbarian's Mate

6:00pm - 8:00pm

In this episode, I am joined by cohosts Georgia and Laura. Join us as we discuss Barbarian's Mate, the seventh book in the now internet famous book series, Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. This series takes place in the universe of the Ice Planet Barbarians an alien race that crash landed onto a ice planet and years after encounter human women, after they meet the same fate. Barbarian's Mate follows Josie when she resonates to her least favorite alien, Haeden, and is forced to confront her feels while dealing with the mating call of the khui. In this episode, we discuss the entertainment value of these books, the surprising complexity of the characters, and how sometimes in Si-Fi the most basic actions seem the most unrealistic.