Discorder Radio Episode June 13, 2017

15 Tracks of Fun Fiction

5:00pm - 6:03pm

Fifteen jam-packed tracks filled this weeks show from a variety of genres including punk, shoegaze, folk, R&B, soul and avant pop! Editor Brit joins us to talk about No Fun Fiction, June cover artist the Shilohs and praise our ahead-of-the-curve writers for featuring Only A Visitor. With music from Mental Health, Hygiene, Lief Hall, Jerk Jails, Cult Babies, Michelle Jolly, Prada and more.

Track Listing:

Strike a Match
Mental Health · Trying Hard Enough
Hygiene · Hypocrite
Sea Shanty
Fuzzy P · On A Lawn
Visiting Light
Only a Visitor · Lines
Glass Machine
Leif Hall · Transform
Down at the Bottom of Bottomland
The Shilohs · The Shilohs
Song of Love
Cruel Sport · (Single)
That that that
Nice Apple · (Single)
Bored Decor · OKBG
On a Roll
Cult Babies · Off to See the Lizard
Ice hands
Jerk Jails · (Single)
SBDC · Future Ex-Wives
Michelle Jolly · Preach
Mine to Creep
Ukes of Hazzard · Mine to Creep
Prado · (Single)