Discorder Radio Episode November 1, 2016

Eyes Wide November show

5:04pm - 6:02pm

November is here and that means we fall into a busy month of shows, showcases and a brand new issue of Discorder Magazine. The Discorder Collective is here to recap Shindig night # 2 and preview night # 3. We also feature a show review with Dora Dubber on her Eyes Wide Shut-Esque experience at the So Loki album release and an interview with Tim the Mute. Also featuring music from Daniel Robertson, Francesca Belcourt, NOFX and more.

Track Listing:

Fall into November
Folk Implosion · Dare to be Surprised
Goodnight Puzzlehead
Puzzlehead · Fred's Man Cave
My Trigger
Not You · (Single)
So Loki · Comfort in Chaos
Its all inside my head
Cut Losses · Lightning Dolphin EP
Biggy Pop
Jock Tears · Sassy Attitude
Its Clear
Thee Magic Circle · Circle Demos
Welcome to the Terrordrome
Tim the Mute · Take My Life... Please!
Daniel Robertson · Death
Meaning ft. Oshea
Francesca Belcourt · Zongs
Sid and Nancy
NOFX · First Ditch Effort