Discorder Radio Episode September 27, 2016

Groovin' With Graftician

5:00pm - 6:02pm

We close out the month of September right with a live studio performance and interview from this month's cover artist, Graftician. We also hear about Malcolm Jack's latest project, a 27-minute album consisting of one track. Music from Hick, JPSNGRLS, Greg McLeod, Preoccupations, and the mighty NoMeansNo.

Track Listing:

Preoccupations · Preoccupations
The River Will
Graftician · [live]
Modern Girls
Graftician · [live]
Graftician · [live]
Tiny War
Graftician · [live]
Graftician · [live]
Come Home
Rhoneil · Lunar Release #7
Hick · Hick
A Girl From a Different Dimension
JPNSGRLS · Divorce
Last in a Line
Greg McLeod · [single]
Inner Circles
Malcolm Jack · Inner Circles
I'm Going Away (E. Cotton)
Iceberg Ferg · In the Valley of the Purple Prince
'Til I Die
NoMeansNo · All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt