Discorder Radio Episode August 2, 2016

Summertime Hollidays!

5:00pm - 6:02pm

Wade is in Rio for the Olympics, so DJ Elizabeth 'Liz' Holliday is in the house for the rest of August! And we've got a somewhat international show today to celebrate, including a whole whack of album and show reviews from your friendly neighbourhood Discorder Magazine. Music from Greg McLeod, White Lung, Mitski, Supermoon, Gal Gracen, Horsepowar, the Cat Empire and more.

Track Listing:

House Not Home
Greg McLeod · [single]
Land of Dreams
Hazy · Virgo Ox
White Lung · Paradise
Earth to Jay
Jay Arner · Jay II
Supermoon · Playland
Miss June Goth
Gal Gracen · Blue Hearts in Exile
Nicholas Savage Smith · Bermuda Waterfall
Molly Nilsson · Zenith
Loving Feeling
Mitski · Puberty 2
Hi Everybody
Horsepowar · Out2Lunch
Soul Shake
Honbul · ADSR Vol. 1
Brighter Than Gold
The Cat Empire · Steal the Light