Discorder Radio Episode May 24, 2016

Wadeless in West Point Grey

4:59pm - 6:02pm

Wade is in the mountains enjoying the tail end of the long weekend, so this week Matt is hosting AND producing -- hold on tight. RLA editor Jasper Wrinch drops by to tell us about Cate le Bon, Claire has the scoop on why towns should have night mayors, and Matt shamelessly hypes his own band. Music from the Tourist Company, Glad Rags, Alpha Omega, Croatia, Disco Funeral, Caracas, the Oh Wells and more.

Track Listing:

Budget Meeting
The Tourist Company · Mercury EP
Cate le Bon · Crab Day
Glad Rags · Glad Rags
Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves
Supermoon · Playland
Hearsay / Firing Squad
Alpha Omega · The Strain
Thumbwar Armistice
Bodies · Bodies
Croatia · [single]
Dumb · Beach Church
Mystery Graphics (Alpha Quadrant)
Shitlord Fuckerman · [single]
Monkey on My Back
Disco Funeral · [single]
Bring On the Playtime
Caracas · Bring On the Playtime
Let It Go
The Oh Wells · Roll With the Punches