Discorder Radio Episode April 26, 2016

The Johnny de Courcy Power Hour

4:59pm - 6:03pm

Johnny de Courcy doesn't let a few technical problems stop him from ripping it up with a live set in the CiTR studio — and joins Wade for a lively debrief afterward. And, as if that wasn't enough, DJ Liz Holliday stops by to tell us about last week's Courtney Barnett show, and Mike from Flex Your Head tells us about his retrospective love for Vancouver pop-punk legends the Pointed Sticks. Music from Black Mountain, Wild Nothing, Dada Plan, Tough Age and more.

Track Listing:

Wild Nothing · Genesis
Florian Saucer Attack
Black Mountain · IV
Angel of Death
Johnny de Courcy · [live]
City Bitches
Johnny de Courcy · [live]
Johnny de Courcy · [live]
Master Manipulator
Johnny de Courcy · [live]
The Madness Hides
Dada Plan · [single]
Miss Hollywood
St. Augustine · [single]
Three Packs a Day
Courtney Barnett · Good for You
The Woman Inside of Me
Tough Age · Chris Knox
Out of Luck
Pointed Sticks · [single]