Discorder Radio Episode April 5, 2016

Our Most Jam-Packed April Show Proably Ever

5:00pm - 6:03pm

It's a brand new month, and you know what that means -- a brand new issue of Discorder Magazine, and a bunch of rad new music! Claire gives us the scoop on our cover artist Devours, and it doesn't stop there. Music from the Shit Talkers, Glad Rags, Rococode, Ace Martens, Dumb, SAVVIE, Chersea, and a bangin' Buffy Saint-Marie remix by a Tribe Called Red.

Track Listing:

Working for the Government (A Tribe Called Red remix)
Buffy Sainte-Marie · [single]
East Van
The Shit Talkers · Not Your Buddy's Compilation Vol. 5
Glad Rags · Smile
Leisure Cruise · Leisure Cruise
Panic Attack
Rococode · Panic Attack
On to Me
Ace Martens · Palm Springs
Perfume Ghost
Kim Gray · [single]
Friday Night Fur
Devours · Avalon
Beach Church pt. I
Dumb · Beach Church
Beach Church pt. II
Dumb · Beach Church
Thinking About You
Dear Rouge · Kids Wanna Know
SAVVIE · Night Eyes
Murphy's Law
Chersea · [single]
Real Life (Alt Universe mix)
Weird Candle · [single]