Discorder Radio Episode January 12, 2016

Discorder Radio: Unplugged

5:00pm - 6:02pm

Jenn Bojm and bandmate Colin Cowan join us in the CiTR studio for a chat and a live acoustic set; we preview the first round of Shindig 2016 semifinals; with music from Dead Soft, War Baby, Luke Wallace, the Soots, störc and Scotty P & the Virigins — plus a weird David Bowie tribute.

Track Listing:

The Pack a.d. · Do Not Engage
Eye of My Storm
Jenn Bojm · [live]
Flotsam Parade
Jenn Bojm · [live]
The Wind
Dead Soft · [single]
Master Blaster
War Baby · Death Sweats
Chernobyl Wormwood · störc
The Kitimat LP
Luke Wallace · 51st and Yew
Say Darlin' Say
The Soots · [single]
Looking on Potter's Field From a Crag
Echuta · [single]
Aspartame, Baby!
The Psychic Alliance · Psychedelic Hamster
Jimmy and Janice
Gun Control · [single]
Natural Selection
Scotty P & the Virgins · [single]
I Felt I Never Had You
Did You Die · Weird Love