Discorder Radio Episode November 17, 2015

Born to be Swift, Die for Discorder

4:58pm - 6:03pm

Did You Die brand new album release; Discorder Fundraiser hype-up with TV Ugly, Late Spring, Mesa Luna and Revered; Peak Performance Project finals with Van Damsel; Shindig Night Five with the Jins and Zoo Strategies; plus new music from Rah Rah and Born Ruffians.

Track Listing:

I Felt I Never Had You
Did You Die · Weird Love
Paintball BB
Late Spring · Late Spring
TV Ugly · UCLA Yankee Cola
Mesa Luna · Crux EP
Twiddle My Thumb
Revered · But What If I'm Right?
Best of Everything
Van Damsel · [single]
Call on Me
The Jins · The Jins
Actual Birthday
Zoo Strategies · Separation
Break You In
SAVVIE · Night Eyes
Shylo Sharity · [single]
We Made It
Born Ruffians · Ruff
Chip Off the Heart
Rah Rah · Vessels
I Hate Being Late When I'm Early
The Evaporators & Andrew W.K. · Busy Doing Nothing