Discorder Radio Episode November 10, 2015

Play Ball Mate

4:59pm - 6:03pm

We interview Evan October of Isotopes, chat with Discorder Editor Britt Bachman about Art Rock? Melbourne shout outs to Tame Impala, Shin Dig Night 4 hype up and a special Remembrance Day dedication from Hollerado.

Track Listing:

Are You Experiencing?
Rich Aucoin · Ephemeral
Chicks Dig the Long Ball
The Isotopes · Nuclear Strikezone
Out in the Dark
The Brains · Out in the Dark
The Moment
Tame Impala · Currents
Gang Signs · Geist
Kids Lick
Late Spring · Late Spring
Mold Grows on Baby · Mold Grows On Baby
You Hate Me
Pants · [demo]
Winona Forever · Yacht Music
So It Goes
Hollerado · White Paint
Rock You
Sum 41 · FUBAR: The Album