Deliberate Noise Episode March 14, 2022

Musical Meditation

5:00pm - 5:56pm

Some meditative trax to sit back and relax to this Monday evening. Featuring new stuff from Luna Li, Ouri, Nilüfer Yanya, Ghostkeeper, The Halluci Nation, Mato Wayuhi, Chronfused, Eejungmi, The Golden Age of Wrestling, Ekkstacy, Pastel Blank, The Black Tones, Cri.

Track Listing:

Instant Coffin
The Golden Age of Wrestling · Crossface Chicken Wing
Eejungmi · Yearning
It's Over
The Halluci Nation · One More Saturday Night
Something About
Cri · Something About
Techno Pixie
Chronfused · single
Mr. Mines
The Black Tones · The End of Everything
The Trees
Ghostkeeper · Multidimensional Culture
Étude de Marteau
Ouri · BT002: self hypnosis tape
Luna Li · Duality
Terracotta Sunroom
Pastel Blank · Terracotta Sunroom
Flaming Flamers
Mato Wayuhi · Reservation Dogs (Original Soundtrack)
Then I Met Her
Ekkstacy · Negative
Nilüfer Yanya · Painless