Deliberate Noise Episode February 7, 2022

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5:04pm - 5:53pm

All brand new music today, featuring: TJ Felix, Debby Friday, Girly., Bratboy, Luna Li, Cheap Flavor, Nina Joon, Warpaint, TOVI, and a couple tunes from the 100 Block Rock 2 compilation.
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Track Listing:

Silver Into Rain feat. Beabadoobee
Luna Li · Duality
Human State
Tangent Quo · 100 Block Rock 2
Death's Door
Iceman · 100 Block Rock 2
Solidarity Forever
Cheap Flavor · single
Put Me Down
TJ Felix · (I Am) The Land
Polite Genocide
TJ Felix · (I Am) The Land
Debby Friday · Focus
Loose Ends
TOVI · Mad Melancholia
Girly. · Kids
Top Ten (We Out)
Nina Joon · Top Ten (We Out)
Warpaint · Champion
Dream Rope
Bratboy · Dream Rope