Deliberate Noise Episode June 7, 2021

Big Gay Playlist

5:00pm - 6:00pm

A Pride Month playlist for everyone to enjoy.
Featuring new music from Bambii, Cartel Madras, Devours, DijahSB, Dizzy Fae, Lil Nas X, Nimkish, Remi Wolf, Sook-Yin Lee.

Track Listing:

Dream Girl Concept
Cartel Madras · Dream Girl Concept
Devours · Escape from Planet Devours
Sophie · Oil of Every Pearls UnInsides
Body Move
Dizzy Fae · Body Move
Ship it Out
Sook-Yin Lee · Jooj Two
Throw That Back
DijahSB · Head Above the Waters
Truck Riddim (feat. LatyKim)
Bambii · Truck Riddim
Siena Liggins · Ms. Out Tonight
Do I Make You Nervous
Serena Isioma · Do I Make You Nervous
Biawanna · Fever
Remi Wolf · Liz
Back Together
Kehlani · Back Together
Sun Goes Down
Lil Nas X · Sun Goes Down
Bonus Track
Future Star · When Will the DJ of Luv Grant Me My 1 Request?
Willow Smith · Willow
Nimkish · YSB
Save Room for Us
Tinashe · Songs For You
Missing Out
Syd · Missing Out