Deliberate Noise Episode March 29, 2021

Rainy Day

5:00pm - 5:59pm

to be enjoyed with hot drink of your choice.
featuring: serpentwithfeet, Tonye Aganaba, Ginger Root, Shonen Knife, Future Star, Daniela Andrade, Exmiranda, Luna Li ...........

Track Listing:

Rain Down
Joy Postell · Back and Forth
Daniela Andrade · Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don't Feel the Same
Relaxation Therapy
Exmiranda · Relaxation Therapy
Dua Saleh · Rosetta
Silver Into Rain
Luna Li · Silver Into Rain
Staying In
Luna Li · Jams EP
Something Bout the Rain
Pip Millet · Do Well
Tonye Aganaba · Something Comfortable
Monsoon (feat. Moon)
Mato · Scaterbrain
Dripping Rain
Masahiro Takahashi · Flowering Tree, Distant Moon
Walking in the Rain
Grace Jones · Nightclubbing
Eve Parker Finley · Chrysalia
It's Been Raining for a Couple Months
Future Star · Cryorities
Ginger Root · Weather
In the Yard
Jons · At Work on Several Things
Shonen Knife · 712
serpentwithfeet · Deacon