Deliberate Noise Episode January 25, 2021


4:59pm - 6:00pm

"Ethereal" should be a music genre, according to Grimes. I made a playlist to test out this idea. You will hear a lot of airy vocals, synths, electronic sounds, and some string instruments such as harp or violin. Today's faves: Jarah Femi, Ouri, Luna Li, Cyrus Jordan, Obuxum. Runners up who didn't make it into the hour: Beach House, Prado, Nivram.
Do you think ethereal should be a genre??? What does ethereal music sound like to you?
Thanks again to Lucas for the prompt.

Track Listing:

Voyage Astral
Sophia Bel · Princess of the Dead, Vol. II
Gimme Love
Luna Li · Asia Rising Forever
Black Vivaldi Sonata
Sudan Archives · Athena
Witch Prophet · DNA Activation
Falling (In)
Nimkish · Heartbreak on the Coast
Kilo Kish · mothe
Cyrus Jordan · Stretch
Love is Only A Feeling
Homeshake · Midnight Snack
Evan’s Ride
Fretgau · Evan’s Ride
Molly Burch · Emotion
Don't Obey
Drea the Vibe Dealer · Triple Goddess
Distracted When You're Dancing
Ouri · Superficiel
Reclaiming My D!mn Self
Obuxum · Re-Birth
Don't Blame Them
Obuxum · Re-Birth
Dizzy Fae · No GMO Mixtape
Rule My Mind
Jarah Femi · The CHAOS HACKER
Canon Mulat · Speakeasy
Cedric Noel · Patterning
Cedric Noel · Patterning
Lysandre · Maison-Dieu
Weyes Blood · Titanic Rising
So I Don’t Feel Useless
Dianna Lopez · So I Don’t Feel Useless
Two Kids
Devours · Two Kids?/?Dick Disciple (Double A?-?Side)