Deliberate Noise Episode December 14, 2020

Emo Music?

5:01pm - 5:52pm

Nina's take on an emo playlist. Still unsure what exactly qualifies as emo but I feel strongly that Weezer is NOT emo. get in an email argument with me if you disagree
Featuring songs from:::::: Beabadoobee! Kilo Kish! Cherry Glazerr! Prado! BbyAfricka! Momma! Elan Noon! many more!!!!!

Track Listing:

No One Hurts Me But Me
Whyenne · Only You Know
Gus Englehorn · Death & Transfiguration
Beabadoobee · Fake it Flowers
Momma · Two Of Me
Lonely Parade · The Pits
Human People · Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears
Toca La Guitarra
Professor Caveman · Vol. 2
Nice Apple · Cruel Apple Nice Sport
Next Wave
Glitter Party · :)
Rabbit Hole
Cherry Glazerr · Rabbit Hole
Men in Black
Prado · Men in Black
LXVNDR · Warmth
Over Now
Kilo Kish · Redux
i (outro)
Nivram akaSublime · False Hope
Downtown & Cigarettes
BbyAfricka · Downtown & Cigarettes
The Blues
Off the Porch · Versions
Wicked Desires
Das Mortal · Miami Beach Witches
Modern Blues
Elan Noon · Colour Story