Deliberate Noise Episode November 23, 2020

Trans music highlight: house and rap

4:59pm - 5:47pm

In honour of transgender day of remembrance, a playlist highlighting some of the best house, rap, and pop music. Mostly Canadian too! Featuring tunes from Baby Blue, Regina Gently, Backxwash, Quay Dash, Quanah Style, DJ Genderfluid, & many more. The talent today is exceptional; definitely one of my favourite playlists.

Track Listing:

Dumb · Seeing Green
Put in that Werk
Sofia Fly · Put in that Werk
Queen of this Shit
Quay Dash · Queen of this Shit
Big Eden
Shitlord Fuckerman · Music is Over!
Backxwash · God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It
Club Pothos
Edgeslayer · DARK THOUGHTS
Who Cares Anymore?
Dj Genderfluid · 150 genders per minute
Love is Calling (Club Mix)
Quanah Style · House of Style
Carry (I Don't Wanna) (Gadder Remix)
Ah-mer-ah-su · Carry (I Don't Wanna)
All My Rich Friends
Regina Gently · Don’t Wait to Love Me
Baby Blue · 0flash
Digital Blackface (Emulator)
Trap Beat Tranny · The Preview
Really Sir? My Candle? U Threw it Away?
Grapes Mars · Really Sir? My Candle? U Threw it Away?
Nivram · Restless (Demo)