Deliberate Noise Episode October 5, 2020


5:00pm - 5:54pm

new tunes to welcome the fall and the fog, and the moon - anyone else notice the moon lately? very strong presence.
fresh tracks from: SBDC, Sneaks, Fade Em All, Tommy Tone, Sydanie, Nova Twins, Sinzere, No More Moments, Mi'ens, and mooooore.

Track Listing:

Plaza People
Dishpit · Plaza People
French Disko
Mi'ens · Future Child
How Does the Mountain Die
Tommy Tone · Finally Punk
Not Again
The OBGMs · The Ends
Stranger Danger
Pinch Points · Live at RRR
Punks Desgraciados
Desgraciados · Des II
No More Moments · Mill Grove High
Nova Twins · Who Are The Girls?
Rave Moon
GHOSH · Rave Moon/Blades of Steel
Purple Carousel
Sydanie · Purple Carousel
Sneaks · Happy Birthday
Sinzere · Buy Back the Block
Bad Juju
Backxwash · Deviancy
Punk Tempo
Fade Em All · Fade Em All
Vagiant · Public Display of Infection
See You Around
SBDC · The Feeling of Winning