Deliberate Noise Episode March 9, 2020

Interview with Phoenix about Red Gate

5:04pm - 6:02pm

Today Nina and Clare were graced by the presence of the one and only Phoenix, local rock legend / Red Gate superstar / all around amazing and beautiful human. Phoenix answered our questions about Red Gate Arts Society and helped curate today's mix of punk tunes (plus some Doja Cat) go see her play in her new band Kewpies this week at Red Gate.

Tuesday March 10 @ Redgate: The Pisces party palace - WUT / Non La / Kewpies
Wednesday March 11 @ Redgate: Kewpies / Akita / CLovis (NYC) / Emma Goldman
Friday the 13th march: Unistoten Fundraiser - Be Afraid / Garbage Dreams / Pinch Librarian / Kitty Prozac @ the Toast Collective
Friday Mar 13th: Needles//Pins / Poison Mind / Total Shock @ Antisocial Skateboard Shop. All proceeds to Unistoten Legal Fund
Friday March 20th: Lié tour kickoff @ Redgate with Woolworm & Emma Lee Toyoda

Track Listing:

Bedwetters Anonymous · Framed
Or Are You?
Poison Mind · Poison Mind Demo 2019
Kitty You're A Fuckup
Kitty Prozac · My Side of the Split
Garbage Dreams · Demonstrations
You Want It Real
Lié · Fantasy of Destructive Force
Pastor of Muppets
Emma Goldman · Pastor of Muppets
Happiness is A Warm Gun
The Breeders · Pod
Not in Love
Non La · Not in Love
Royal Brat · Eyesore
Angus Runfast
Not Amused · Not Amused - EP
Say So
Doja Cat · Hot Pink
1000 Megahurtz
Snail Gun · Snail Gun